There is always some discussion across the digital space about the good and bad, success and demise of Bit coins and cryptocurrency.  Is it really a currency that we should take note of and potentially start using for digital transactions or even as physical payments.  Statement like “Bitcoins are open source and nobody owns it” is interesting but very worrying for anyone who has spend decades following opensource successes and failures.  You can currently buy the bitcoins from several exchanges for around the £519 per coin therefore we are talking about more than just using your pocket change.  How will we use them? Bitcoins have long been considered the currency for criminal activity and from  recent article in ZDnet  then we are all very cautious about getting involved.  Interesting that Google are now getting into the discussion with their request for opinion in their moderation page. If Google accept it and in some way promote or handle Bitcoins I think I will reconsider but until then I think I will leave it to the miners and those who believe in the whole move to virtual money.

Anyone got a good experience with bitcoins they would like to share?

Author: John Campbell, a voice of Global digital community and the @Thedigiowl, LinkedIn