A connected community offering information and services with everyone sharing the excitement of digital. The Global Digital Community will provide an online discussion space, a source of information and expert project resources to build your digital project from mobile to web, from offline systems to integrated cloud applications. The community will link into some of the brightest minds across the universities to the experienced old hands of the digital arena.

The Global Digital Community has a virtual membership unrestricted across countries and has launched the Digital Escape Network which revolves around our Escape Hubs promoting and providing a focal location for those wanting to work with others in amazing locations.  The escape hub is a office location in a fantastic area where you have the opportunity to work with others on projects we provide, shre ideas and experiences and have an opportunity for a refreshing and amazing lifestyle.  Work from one all all hubs in turn enabling you to travel around the world doing something you love.

The locations identified for the Escape Hubs are:

Queenstown (NZ), Sao Paulo (Brazil), Stirling (Scotland)


San PauloStirling

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