The Global Digital Community and Digital Escape Network was founded by John Campbell and Dougie Allan who met in Digital Equipment Corporation in the late eighties and having worked together for over 30 years in the digital marketplace.

“We started our first digital solutions company in 1991 and were proud to implement the first email based systems in corporate clients, design and develop booking systems using the first mobile technology in mid 1990s and support 100s of clients develop their web presence. It has been a roller coaster of digital development as we saw early growth of Apple, the varied life of MS Windows and the rise of Google. We want to see the Global Digital Community grow to be hugely interesting and active group of professionals passionate about what they do and the Escape hubs providing a unique and inspiring opportunity to change your lifestyle and meet others around the world. I see the Global Digital Community as an interesting option to anyone looking to enjoy a life not restricted to the office 9 to 5 work demands.” John Campbell – Nov 2013

The strategists and “chiefs” for the community are listed below complementing the growing team of community members.