Going Mobile – has it changed?

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Going Mobile – has it changed?

In the late ‘90s I designed and spoke at a seminar series delivered entitled “The Mobile World” where we considered …

In the late ‘90s I designed and spoke at a seminar series delivered entitled “The Mobile World” where we considered the introduction of truly mobile phones; introducing the concept of text messaging and GPRS data transfers to business. How things have moved on to my next seminar series in 2011. Having continued to be fully involved in developments across the web space and the dramatic growth in mobile, I was confident that from a confused landscape in 1999 we would have seen a clear path to let us reap benefits from the mobile channel. Have we? In 2011 I wrote a paper on Targeting Mobile with my agency team and looking at the introduction has the approach or considerations changed?

2011 introduction “Understanding the options UX:  The sheer volume of mobile devices on the market means that your target audience will be accessing the web and consuming digital media in many formats and through a variety of brands. When considering which device(s) to target it is important to bear in mind the balance between User Experience (UX) and reach. UX covers aspects of visual design, user interface (UI) design, performance and the overall joy of use. If an App fails to deliver a satisfying UX then users are likely to simply move on to a competitor. Additionally ‘reach’ is an important consideration to ensure that the audience you want to reach can access your content on their device. ”

Has the priority changed since 2011, the answer is a big NO – the UX, the whole experience is still a top priority and key to the success of the mobile delivery?  Is the landscape still confused? The answer is YES. I will publish my latest thinking around harnessing the opportunity for mobile so please follow this discussion.

So what has changed?

  1. Your user is more expecting and will not accept a poor mobile experience.
  2. Mobile access will be their primary device for connecting with you.
  3. Google have confirmed it is their direction and focus for the Mobile First Index giving priority to mobile browser search indexing for placement.
  4. Your responsive site should contain the same content on the mobile so if you have created a mobile site then you should reconsider your approach.
  5. There are now 100’s of quaility software options for creating the mobile platform whether dedicated, hybrid or just mobile widgets.
  6. Mobile hardware has changed in size and performance changing the user interaction.
  7. Mobile data speeds are no longer restrictive and most packages provide many options to provide adequate capacity.
  8. Digital marketing is all about mobile engagement and tools are in adundance.
  9. A creative innovative approach will capture your audience but constant update and refresh to keep them is key.
  10. Mobile can be your channel of choice with direct connection to your users pocket, literally.

My next article will consider the approach to use and options available.

John Campbell


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