EnsignBus real time mobile app

Project Description

Ensignbus Gateway is a personalised and unique app which passengers and customers of Ensignbus enjoy using and find useful in their day to day travel.  For Ensignbus Company the app provides the opportunity to provide a service suited to the modern traveller whilst consolidating and saving cost on physical fulfilment and have the potential of increased travel revenue through timely and accurate information.  In addition the opportunity to introduce new revenue in localised and geo-coordinated advertising is achievable.

The app is be a primary source of information to the passenger providing immediate details of routes, location of stops and vehicles, interruption of service and fare information.  The mobile phone enables us to geo-locate the user so information on the best service near their location and distance to a bus stop.

The option to use the Mobile phone as the top-up and the actual payment card is possible depending on the payment process available from Ticketer and associated services.Esignbus Gateway is NFC enabled and ready to be used for automated payments on the bus.  This includes a smart card, built into the app, and the device used to travel with the phone presented on the bus.

Project Details

Client: EnsignBus, London